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Detect • Solve • Improve

We have a passion for technique and are trying to make a change in the industry. We love what we do. Because of this we can deliver a personal service and integrate ourselves into our customers’ maintenance needs.

Our mission is to make savings for every company we work for and we’re passionate about helping others/each other. Making your plant and equipment more reliable and efficient not only benefits your business, but the entire industry. Our expert knowledge combined with state-of-the-art equipment and software, means we can resolve all kinds of machinery issues and failures for our clients and provide ongoing advice and support to improve their systems for future reliability.

We work to increase overall production up time and efficiency in all industries, dealing with rotating, reciprocating machinery and static equipment. We believe in our expertise and experience to provide practical solutions where and when ever is needed. We provide solutions to prevent problems and tackle them when they unexpectedly occur.

Our reliable asset measuring and monitoring services are provided by our expert engineers who have the most up-to-date knowledge to implement the optimal solution to resolve the problem. At Vermeer Reliability we work with our clients to ensure we equip them with the solution that best suits their needs to reach their goals for reducing downtime and increasing reliability.

Our approach is realistic but always positive and stresses great working relationships. Therefore, mutual trust and a high level of professionalism is one of our key principles.

We have built up an extensive knowledge over the years. Because of this we deliver a high quality of service.


We are trained to:

– Vibration Analysis Category II/III (ISO 18436-2)

– Ultrasound Air-borne Category I/II (ISO 18436-8)

– Thermograhpy Category II (ISO 18436-7)

– MLA I (ISO 18436-4)

– VCA certified.