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Thermal Imaging (Electrical & Mechanical)

The benefits of Thermography in surveys of electrical switchboards has long been recognized. It is an incredible technique, which uses infrared technology to identify different temperatures. It’s also used for rotating equipment misalignment and wrong tolerance-and-fit problems. Operations personnel can use thermal imaging to identify pipe blockages, sediment build-up in tanks where higher temperature fluids are involved.


  • Electrical Panel Defects
  • Mechanical Thermal Imaging
  • Steam Trap Surveys
  • Tank Level Checks
  • Boilers, Heat Exchangers, Furnaces
  • Marine SOLAS Requirements on Engine Exhaust Systems
  • Lagging and Energy Savings
  • Housing and Building Reports

Mechanical Thermography

Mechanical Thermography is the safest, non-intrusive and most efficient technique for identifying faulty & overheated components in mechanical equipment.

A Mechanical Thermography Survey enables you to prevent equipment failures and save hundreds of hours of wasted time in routine testing of components.

Vermeer Reliability Infrared Thermography Survey provides an instant, precise, non-contact analysis of plant & machinery condition to highlight faulty components such as bearings, motors, fuses, relays, steam pipes, drive gears & belts.

All identified problems are discussed during the survey, and explained in the Mechanical Thermography report.

Electrical Thermography

Electrical systems are critical items within office buildings and industrial applications. There are considerable benefits to be gained by protecting these systems and reducing unplanned downtime. Thermography is ideal for carrying out Electrical Safety Inspections.

Infrared technology gives us the ability to “see” and measure temperatures on defective components and the normal wear, chemical contamination, corrosion, fatigue and faulty assembly in many electrical systems. Overheating can occur in all electrical components and hardware.

In transmission- and distribution systems, thermographic surveys can help to cut production losses and prevent the eventual failure of these systems.

Get in touch with Vermeer Reliability if you are interested in Thermal Imaging. We can discuss the subject for your company and arrange a no-obligation site-visit and consultation.

We are trained to:  Thermograhpy Category II (ISO 18436-7)