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Condition Monitoring

How to use Condition Monitoring as a Proactive Equipment Reliability Improvement Strategy?

Through the use of a CM spectrum, faults or problems are easily discovered.

Condition Monitoring, when used to drive reliability improvement, offers diagnostics, information and data for Root Cause Analysis and equipment redesign, along with verification of defect or design correction. Condition monitoring applied proactively is a context embracing world class reliability maintenance concepts. You can only improve what you measure.

A Definition of Condition Monitoring (CM): The process of systematic data collection and evaluation to identify changes in performance or condition of a system, or its components, such that remedial action may be planned in a cost-effective manner to maintain reliability.

While the basic definition of Condition Monitoring may have general application across many industries, the objectives for Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) may vary greatly.

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The most commonly used techniques of condition monitoring are:

Vibration Analysis

Ultrasound Analysis

Thermal imaging

Oil & fluid analysis

NDT testing

Steam – Condensate

Visual inspection