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Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring as a Proactive Equipment Reliability Improvement Strategy.

Condition Monitoring, when used to drive reliability improvement, offers diagnostics, information and data for Root Cause Analysis and equipment redesign, along with verification of defect or design correction. Condition monitoring applied proactively is a context embracing world class reliability maintenance concepts. You can only improve what you measure.

A Definition of Condition Monitoring (CM): The process of systematic data collection and evaluation to identify changes in performance or condition of a system, or its components, such that remedial action may be planned in a cost-effective manner to maintain reliability.

Vermeer Reliability offers a range of condition monitoring programs based on periodical vibration measurements (based on spectrum analysis combined with trend analysis) often combined with visual inspections, temperature measurements, oil analysis etc. This approach enables us to detect wear or damage in its early stages after which its progression can be followed and a clear and concrete recommendation can be made informing which precautions to take and how long the machine is able to run safely enabling the planning and execution of specific maintenance actions that will prevent unplanned downtime.

We understand that your Predictive Maintenance (PdM) solutions may need to be customised to ensure the early detection of potential component failures but with the most cost effective solution. We offer our clients our integrated technology expertise to ensure you benefit from decreasing maintenance costs, increasing equipment uptime, and overall increased reliability and safety for your operations.

Condition monitoring measurement intervals are depending on how critical the machine is and how severe the consequences of a sudden failure are, the intervals could be monthly, weekly or even continuously.

An optimised condition monitoring program will provide an unparalleled return across multiple considerations, including:

  • Reduced production costs
  • Increased bearing and seal lifetime
  • Increased machinery availability and plant uptime
  • Improved repair and maintenance time
  • Increased machinery lifetime
  • Increased product quality
  • Minimised downtime

Measurement and engineering services by experienced, hands-on and inspired CAT I, II, III certified engineers (ISO 18436-2 ) and 24/7 service availability.

Each condition monitoring program starts with basic inspection . Even small changes, like abnormal noise levels, increased temperature or pressure level and excessive vibration could be a sign of a change in condition. There are several machine condition monitoring techniques that are used for the assessment of machine conditions.


Get in touch with Vermeer Reliability if you are interested in Condition Monitoring. We can discuss the subject for your company and arrange a no-obligation site-visit and consultation

The most commonly used techniques of condition monitoring are:

Vibration Analysis

Ultrasound Analysis

Thermal imaging

Oil & fluid analysis

NDT testing

Steam – Condensate

Visual inspection