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A non invasive inspection on valves and traps is a prerequisite for plant safety. The dangers of steam traps failing not only affects process efficiency and energy costs, but also the overall safety of plant. Left unchecked, a simple steam trap can lead to critical incidents such as water hammer or corrosion that can lead to extensive asset damage and put site personnel at serious risk.

Our engineers carry out a full steam assessment that allows clients to easily identify troublesome areas quickly and take action. Implementing a steam system maintenance program can save time, reduce costs, and improve operating efficiency and product.

A successful steam trap station management program can identify defective steam valves, steam traps, strainer failures, and blowdown valve failures. Additionally, with this documentation and knowledge, the amount of energy and emission impacts for each steam valve or steam trap failure can be calculated.

With today’s energy costs and demand for production reliability, it is extremely important to have a pro-active steam trap station management program included with the overall steam system management program. To achieve a reliable steam trap station system, root cause analysis has to be part of the program. We can no longer accept failures of more than 3% with steam trap station components. 

How do we start with a survey and how does it work?

  1. Registration and inventory of steam traps
  2. Creating a database.
  3. Inspection of steam traps
  4. Reporting