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Visual inspection is considered a predictive maintenance technique, is the most basic condition monitoring technology out there, and relies on the observation of technicians or inspectors to determine the condition of an asset. It includes the important part of basis inspections: See, listen, smell, and touch.

Many maintenance managers or reliability engineers claim that visual inspections are not taken into account in the predictive maintenance plan because it is already being executed outside the plan and they do not want to have duplication of tasks. This is quite common, however, that does not mean that visual inspection is not a predictive maintenance technique since with it we monitor the condition of the assets.

Visual inspections are often performed by production operating personnel, who usually take notes or make their inspection reports on paper. That paper typically ends up in a tray and is only retrieved or processed if an abnormality has been detected or if a work order or maintenance notice is generated. The goal of a visual inspection is to find anything that might be wrong with the asset, which could require maintenance.

Visual inspections do not require sophisticated instrumentation and software to perform. You need a report form that is set with defect criteria. The visual inspection form can be used as a mobile ready app.

It is a fact that visual inspections are a predictive maintenance technology with which we can determine the condition of assets. Therefore, visual inspections must be included in a predictive maintenance plan.


Borescope Inspection.

We can also provide a borescope inspection of gearboxes. Borescope inspections should be performed at least once a year unless wear or failures are detected, in which case it should be performed more often depending on the severity of the issue presenting.

Get in touch with Vermeer Reliability if you are interested in setting up a visual inspection standard. We can discuss the subject for your company and arrange a no-obligation site-visit and consultation.