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Lubrication management for improved reliability

Lubrication Management is important for the identification of required improvements to reliability of machinery. Vermeer Reliability aims to reduce maintenance cost by optimizing the lubrication program.

When a lubricant is working effectively in a machine with no chemical degradation and with limited contamination within it, wear will be reduced and equipment reliability will be improved. The key to reducing component wear and to increase equipment reliability is protecting and maintaining a good lubrication program.

The bearing is the rotating core of the machine and if we can reduce the lube-related failures we will directly improve the equipment reliability. 60% of bearing damages are lubrication related.

Bearings and other rotating components need a good lube film thickness to separate the metal components and to reduce wear. However, generating a good film thickness is a chemically complex mechanism which is dependent on many factors, such as degradation of the oil, contamination in the oil, effective replenishment of the oil and no mixing of oils.

We can provide an individual custom-built lubrication schedule. We can check the oil and grease compatibility with your equipment.

We can deliver and install grease lines, nipples, automatic lubricators, breathers,..

Return on Investment (ROI)

The costs are generally associated with the following activities:

  • Dedicated management software
  • A remodeled or a new lube storage area
  • Oil dispensing systems
  • Air breathers
  • Filtering units
  • Labeling discipline
  • Oil analysis tests
  • Training for dedicated staff.

ROI by:

  • The elimination of failed electric motors.
  • Doubling the life of a number of gearboxes due to cleaner oil.
  • Reduction in the bearing costs, annually by a conservative 30%.
  • Doubling the life of all hydraulic systems and pumps.


A Lubrication management strategy focuses on all parameters that protect the average grease film thickness thereby reducing component wear and increasing equipment reliability.

Get in touch with Vermeer Reliability if you are interested in Lubrication Management. We can discuss the subject for your company and arrange a no-obligation site-visit and consultation.

We are trained to: MLA I (ISO 18436-4)