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Vibration measurements provide information about the condition of new, existing or overhauled machinery and rotating constructions. 

During a typical vibration survey, an accelerometer or other vibration transducer is manually placed on several locations on the machine, usually in the near of the bearings. Vibration and rotational speed parameters are then measured while the machine is running normally. After acquiring reliable vibration data we begin the real specialism of interpreting the measurement and analysing the cause of a defect. Interpretation analysis and recommendation requires specialised training, knowledge and experience. Years of experience in performing vibration measurements and analyses (ISO-18436-2 level III) makes Vermeer Reliability the ideal partner.

Our vibration analysis services can be used can be used for various purposes:

  • Condition Monitoring
  • Health Check
  • Pre-Shut down inspection 
  • FAT / Factory Acceptance Testing
  • SAT / Site Acceptance Testing
  • Witness Testing

    Vibration is commonly detected in rotating & reciprocating machinery, but also static equipment. Any changes to the vibration signal can be measured and analyzed to detect a variety of failures. For example bearing problems, imbalance, misalignment, looseness, electrical. If left undetected this could result in unexpected failure leading to unplanned downtime and expensive repairs.

    Vibration analysis effectively monitors rotating equipment to identify poor running conditions including:

    • Bearing defects
    • Misalignment
    • Looseness
    • Cavitation
    • Imbalance
    • Resonance
    • Gearbox analysis
    • Electrical defects

    We specialise in performing and analysing vibration measurements for industrial rotating and reciprocating machinery:

    • Gas turbines
    • Steam turbines
    • Reciprocating/centrifugal Pumps
    • Fans
    • Gear boxes
    • Reciprocating/centrifugal/screw Compressors
    • Mixers
    • Rollers
    • Diesel/Gas Engines

    Vermeer Reliability can provide a survey of your machinery.


    We use different methods for vibration measurements and analyses.


    With this method, measurement takes place at a fixed interval by means of portable measuring systems/data collectors. Vibration data can then be analysed locally or remotely.


    With this method, the vibration data is continuously collected via the cloud, after which it is analysed remotely by the analysts of Vermeer Reliability.

    We are trained to: Vibration Analysis Category II/III (ISO 18436-2)