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Oil analysis is a particularly powerful technique for the monitoring of gearboxes and also reciprocating machinery.

Gathering information about the fluids that help your equipment perform is critical, but the data alone isn’t enough. At Vermeer Reliability our fluid/oil analysis programs deliver unprecedented levels of quality, from our testing procedures through to the recommendations for remedial action. Our partner’s laboratorie is ISO 17025 accredited ensuring that the best quality data is collected and reviewed by the best data analysts in the industry, working to provide insightful, specific, actionable information, fast.

Implementing an oil analysis program is the first step to improving your maintenance and reliability program. By keeping a close eye on the lubrication of your machinery, you can gain an accurate view of how your equipment is performing and if anything is not quite right. Minute particles or contamination can be identified provide a valuable insight into the future of your equipment, especially when the results of oil analyses are correlated with the results of a vibration measurement.

In almost all cases, oil analyses, especially of gearboxes and sleeve/journal bearing machinery , are part of a condition monitoring program or as an extension during trouble shooting.

Oil analysis services is a key component of precision-based predictive maintenance and our oil analysis procedures are broken into three key areas of diagnostics:

  • Oil Properties
  • Contaminants
  • Debris

This is designed to save our customers money. By reducing the frequency of oil changes in their plant. It is a very effective way to know the oil condition.


Coolant analysis: 

Coolant is often an area that is missed but it is an essential part of equipment health and reliability. When testing coolants we are looking at making improvement.

Results indicate if the coolant can continue to be used or if it needs to be drained and replenished therefore offering cost savings and environmental sustainability.

Analysis indicates when an engine or cooling system failure has occurred and such failures can include a blown head gasket, a corroded ground, or a blocked coolant line.

Coolant analysis has repeatedly proven to be the key to success in troubleshooting combustion engines.



We are trained to: MLA I (ISO 18436-4)